JavaScript and jQuery are unforgiving when there are mistakes in the code. Simple mistakes with the syntax or punctuation will stop the code from running at all. Coding needs to be precise and follow the rules.

If your code has come to a dead stop, the first thing to look at are mistakes with the punctuation.

Close all pairs of brackets and parentheses

Use a text editor for coding that highlights the opposite bracket when you highlight the other bracket. Study this and be sure that the closing bracket is the correct on. Layout your code in a tidy manner with indentations for functions, loops, etc. This will help you keep track of your bracket sets.

Use an Error Reporting tool that will point out syntax errors.

Missing quotation marks or unmatched quotations

Remember to watch that strings have opening and closing set of single quotes or double quotes. Don't mix the two.

End all statements with the semi-colon ;

Be sure that you have ended the statements with the semi-colon so that the script knows where the end is.

Do not use reserved words for variables

There are words set aside for special meanings in JavaScript. Do not use these words for your variable names.

Single = signs vs double == signs

If you are assigning a value to a variable, use the singe equal sign.

If you are testing is one thing is equal to another, use the double equal sign.

JavaScript is case-sensitive

Watch if you have something in all lowercase letters, when there should be an uppercase letter or letters used.

Declaring your variables

Remember to declare your variables when you use them for the first time.

Not including the correct path to the jQuery core file

Be sure that your jQuery core .js file is loading if you are using jQuery.