jQ.Zemplate is a web site for to help you learn more about using JavaScript and jQuery. jQuery is a client-side program for web pages to inable their interactivity with the user. jQuery is written in JavaScript, but makes it easier to use with its methods and shortcuts and easier to understand terms. It also helps with using JavaScript on the multiple browsers.


The different sections of jQ.Zemplate

There are several sections on this site, each focused on a special aspect of using jQuery as a programming language.

♦ JavaScript: To use jQuery properly, you need a good basic understanding of the syntax and logic of JavaScript. This section introduces the grammar, syntax and basic operations of JavaScript.

♦ Basic Concepts: This section covers the basic concepts of using jQuery. Before you start into the Turotials, you should review these concepts so that you are batter aquainted with the programming concepts.

♦ JQuery API: This is a reference section for each of the jQuery API Methods. Each article has an example of the code and a simple spplication of that menthod for a better understading of how and when to use it in your jQuery program.

♦ jQuery UI: This section goes over the User Interface library of programs that jQuery has for special applications. These library files allow you to make use of someone elses programming for commonly used jQuery applications.

♦ Tutorials: This is a section of simple tutorials to walk through jQuery programs for manipulating objects on your web page.

♦ Demos: This is a section with simple and more complex demos to demonstrate how jQuery can be used to help with special tasks, games, forms and to make web pages come alive for the end user.

♦ How to ...: This section has a series of articles on how to make JavaScript and JQuery do some common actions that make coding easier

♦ Resources: This is a section with a list of official resources for JavaScript and jQuery. It also lists other web sites that have a particular value for learning and using jQuery.


jQ.Zemplate is not associated with the people at jQuery. It is simply a site to help learn to use the jQuery libraries.

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jQuery is written in JavaScript. The syntax and logic is often very similar, though jQuery has many shortcuts and is targeted for cross-browser appearance and functionality.

It is best to have a solid understanding of JavaScript when working with jQuery. This section introduces the basic concepts, syntax and logic of JavaScript.

Basic jQuery Concepts

This section covers the underlying concepts of jQuery. A good understanding of what is happening as the code is run can save many hours of frustration.

When you get the basics down, there is so much more that you can do with the jQuery interface.

jQuery API Methods

JQuery API Methods are convenient shortcuts for manipulation of HTML objects. They can be combined for advanced functionality.

Each jQuery API has an explanation of their use, examples for a better understanding and snippets of code that you can cut and paste elsewhere.

jQuery UI

jQuery UI is a set of library files that create widgets, interactions and effects. These files aid web developers to do common tasks that use jQuery without having to rewrite lengthy code. Some of these widgets are: accordion menus, autocomplete for forms, sliders, spinners, tabs, etc. 

This section of our website displays some of the things that you can do using jQuery UI functionality.


Learning by example can be the most enlightening approach. The tutorials start with easy steps with just a few methods introduced in each. Later tutorials get into more complex code for the intermediate user.

You may find it useful to come back to the tutorials just to copy and paste some of the script for other projects.


The Demo section has a variety of demos using jQuery and JavaScript. This is to highlight what all can be done with jQuery for animations, forms, games, quizzes and a multitude of other applications


The dialog section has articles about specific uses for jQuery, discusses common problems, clever applications, and other topics.

How to ...

The How To ... section has a list of articles on how to do some commonly needed functions with JavaScript and jQuery.


The resources section allows for quick reference to resources for jQuery files. Is also has numerous reference lists for JavaScript Operators, Regular Expressions, jQuery Selectors and other things.


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