JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that adds interactivity to web pages. It is also oftern referred to as JS.

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What is client-side scripting?

With the processing of web pages there are two types of script. There is server side scripting, like PHP, where the code is run by the hosting servers. There is client-side scripting where the code is run by the user's own computer. There is also AJAX which combines both client-side and server-side running of the code.

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What does JavaScript do?

JavaScript is processed by the browser to add functionality and interactivity to web pages. It can cause something to happen if the user clicks on an object. It can make things move, expand or reduce in size. It can make something appear on top of something else when a specific event occurs. It uses the framework of the HTML document to locate specific objects for manipulation. It can also work with CSS for changing the styling of the objects on the page as desired.

JavaScript is also used in non-browser environments and is now being used with server-side scripting as well.

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Who uses JavaScript?

All modern web browsers have the capability to run JavaScript. It is the most common client-side scripting language used throughout the web. A large number of web sites use JavaScript currently.

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Warnings about using JavaScript on web pages

The visitor has the ability to turn off JavaScript in their browser settings. The visitor's business may have JavaScript disabled for security purposes. A web site should be designed to function and look acceptable without the JavaScript in most cases.

Loading content into a web page with JavaScript can harm the Search Engine Optimization of web pages. The search engine crawlers do not run the JavaScript, therefore will not be able to index the content that is being loaded unless formatted properly.

If you are using JavaScript, be sure that all relevant files are being loaded correctly. Check the paths to any .js files. Review Error Reporting with you web browser tools to be sure that the script is running as it should. The code, the syntax and the logic must be accurate and precise.

JavaScript cannot automatically write to a hard disk. Any changes made to the web page will dissappear when the browser window is closed. Other scripting languages are required to collect permanent information for forms or settings.

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