The jQuery API .get() method will retrieve a specific element within a list of elements. In addition to retrieving this information, it will remove it from the list of elements. 

The method .get() requires an index number as the parameter in parentheses. This will make an array of all those elements that match the selector throughout the page, the index number (starting with [0] as all arrays do) then retrieves that element from the array.

Following is an example of taking an element out of one list using .get() and then assigning that information to a variable for use in another array. 

    var notBelong = $("#topList li").get(2);

<h4>Species: Ursus</h4>
<ol id="topList">
<h4>Species: Equine</h4>
<ol id="bottomList">
<p id="start">START</p>

The results: