Following is a list of resources for information on JavaScript, jQuery and other web sites.

The official resource for all things jQuery

  • downloads
  • jQuery Learning Center
  • jQuery Blog A list of jQuery API methods. Each method is explained in full with examples. The official source for the jQuery UI library of files: Interactions, Widgets, Effects and Utilities Web Site for the jQuery Foundation 
Mozilla JavaScript Guide A complete guide for JavaScript  A wealth of tools for web developers, such as Google hosted libraries, for jQuery, MooTools, AngularJS and others.

Firebug is a diagnostic tool for use with the Firefox browser. It is a fantastic resource for pinpointing the HTML elements of your website, debugging problems, looking at the DOM structure, seeing the hierarchy of CSS and inline styles applied to your elements,  immediate styling to test how things might look without a screen refresh, studying page load times, and many more resourceful tools.

The Web Developer Extension that you can add to the Firefox toolbar is a tremendous resource for helping you pinpoint issues with your web site. The tool has menus for Cookies, CSS, Forms, Images, Resizing the screen, Error Reporting, viewing the HTML source code, and a number of other functions. Documentation of Firefox Developer Tools. To make the most of the wealth of featurs the the Firefox Developer Tools offer, you should study with the documentation. 
jQuery Easing Plugin
This is the source for the easing plugin. You can download the latest jQuery-easing.js and jquery.easing.compatibility.js from here. It also has examples of the different easing effects