$("*") all selector all elements
$("h1") element selector all of the HTML elements matching what is in quotes
$(this) this selector  the current HTML element (note - do not put this in quotes)
$("#example") id selector  any element with id="example" 
$(".example") class selector all elements with class="example"
$("[alt]") attribute selector all elements with an alt=" " attribute
$("img [title='Focus Shot']") attribute selector all <img> tags with a title attribute of title="Focus Shot"
$("a[target!='_new']") attribute selector  all <a> tags where the target is NOT target="_new" 
$("header > p") child selector DIRECT child elements of the parent specified

List of jQuery pseudo-selectors

$("h2:first-of-type") first-of-type selector elements that have no other element with both the same parent and the same element name coming before it
$(":first") first selector the first matched element, but only the first, no more
$("td:first-child") first-child selector all elements of the selector shown that are the first child of their parent
$("tr:odd") :odd selector  every other row in a table, 1, 3, 5...
$("tr:even") :even selector  every other row in a table, 0, 2, 4...
$("input:focus") :focus selector the form field in which the visitor has clicked inside
$("input:text") type selector all <input> tags of type="text" 
$("p:not(.intro") :not() selector  elements that are NOT the selector inside the parentheses